Have you a spare 50p Guvnur? (via Jonesy..chatting shit)

Come on guys, there must be at least ONE of you in London who has a spare room you’d like to earn some tax-free cash on? You are allowed to rent one without paying tax, and Housing Benefits WILL pay for it, THIS GUY REALLY DOES NEED OUR HELP!

Read his blog, he is a very nice guy in a bit of a hole who needs a helping hand!

Please pass this on to anyone you know in London, even if THEY don’t have a room, they may well know someone who does!

Thank you xXx

Have you a spare 50p Guvnur? Well, here’s an experiment in “Social Capital”. As long time readers of this blog know I’m now in a situation where I’m both homeless and jobless (book writing aside) I’m busting my backside to find a job, any fucking job, which has accommodation included. I’m doubtful that there’s a pub in London that hasn’t seen me knocking on their doors asking for live-in work, or a cruise ship or well, the list is pretty endless. Now, up until now I’ve manag … Read More

via Jonesy..chatting shit


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