From Bedlam To Stardom! The Strangest Internet Stunt You Have EVER Heard Of!

Well, after all that hype and spamming, I thought I had better let you all know how the cooking of a fish in a dishwasher fundraising event for the RNLI went!

From Bedlam To Stardom! A Tale Of A Fishy Dishy Washer!

 I thought that given that I have been mercilessly BAT FISH ‘ing you all with wet KIPPERS on here like a demented PIRANHA for the cause that I ought to do a post to show you exactly what was achieved through the FishyDishyCookery campaign!

DRUM roll please!

The DORY the whole DORY and nothing but the DORY and yes, all concerned had a WHALE of a time!

Kays fundraising site here JustGiving we raised ELVER £500 for the RNLI, no BREAM feat in these CHARd financial times, so huge thanks to all who donated and helped to spread the word!


 A huge huge thank you to Wellgate FISHeries, thank you so much Giles, without whom kRAY‘s CRAPPIE plan would have run aground and FLOUNDERed, they very generously netted a first class SALMON for the scientific cookery experiment. Please DORADO go check them out here, Wellgate Fisheries, they are what I would describe as a proper old-fashioned family run FISHmongers, we really DO need to support our local trades and suppliers a HERRING of a lot more than we do, you cannot beat them for service, quality and that real personal touch!


These are LINGs to Kay’s Brink Of Bedlam blog posts that describe the whole planning, strategy, and the actual fishydishywasher deed on the day!

Well worth a read, bring a glass of wine or a cuppa tho!

The initial CODcept , slight FLOUNDERing and trawling for ideas,  the plan getting schooled into action, and FISHing for charity fundraising . The final DRAGONETing together of plans , then the eve of the dishwasher’s debut .

The actual day of the internet event of the century! And the whole lot tidied up and finished off, which is more than can be said for Kay’s poor kitchen!


  Kay also proved what a kind and loving SOLE she is with her entry into this blogging competition, the proceeds of which if she should win were also to be donated to our great cause, the RNLI!

Guess what, SHE WON!

  Very well done to a dishwashered finish Kay, you have proved that you do indeed have a Heart Of GOLDFISH!

 Oh, and Kay DOES actually write about stuff other than fishies!

 All fishy terms in caps were netted from here before you all start CARPing on!



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One response to “From Bedlam To Stardom! The Strangest Internet Stunt You Have EVER Heard Of!

  1. Wonderful blog, lol! I am v impressed with the huge amount of fishy puns! :O) The FishyDishyCookery stunt wouldn’t have been half as sucessful as it was, without your help. You did a sterling job and I am very grateful to you for everything you did to make this the success it turned out to be. Huge hugs!!! :O)

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