“Squatting” at Guy Ritchie’s gaff…. (via Jonesy..chatting shit)

Guys, you gotta read this and please take a look through the rest of Scott’s blog, makes compelling reading, and anyone in London, IF YOU HAVE A SPARE ROOM PLEASE DO CONSIDER LETTING SCOTT STAY, this guy really needs us to help him get back on his feet ASAP thks all xx

"Squatting" at Guy Ritchie's gaff.... Well, here’s a new experience to add to the book. I spent the other day with an undercover journalist inside Guy Ritchie’s mansion. Here’s not the place to go into how I was with a BBC journo but well, so far he’s the only journalist to actually get into the squat, let alone get any video footage and at the moment it’s the most watched video on the BBC website and that’s pretty much my doing (well, my doing and a damned good bit of journalistic w … Read More

via Jonesy..chatting shit


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