Ever Had One Of THOSE Days!

  Well, I am currently having one right now, actually, it’s been more like one of those weeks!

Anything and everything that could possibly go wrong….has. Last week started with my receiving a huge bill for the gas…….I have had to keep the heating on a fair bit for two reasons..BabyMibs got really ill just before Christmas and due to all the swine flu “regulations” the local docs, AFTER going through his symptoms, told me NOT to bring him in there nor to the hospital, but to keep him home , warm and give him plenty of fluids. The nurse told me not to worry about the heating bills, just to worry about him! Obviously I was worried about nothing BUT him, but it’s easy to say don’t worry about the bills when you don’t have to pay them!

 The second reason for the heating was the recurrence of a nasty damp and mould problem in my flat which has resulted in both mine and BabyMibs clothing getting ruined and thrown away due to being too furry even to wash through ( and I did try) My landlords answer was to keep the heating on to inhibit the mould growth! Again, easy for him to say!

Suffice to say that even before the price hikes I would have been struggling to pay this huge bill, as it is we won’t be eating much at all for at least six months just to get it paid off!

 THEN followed the humiliating experience of a job interview at a well known cardboard burger- flipping joint, not as a flipping-slave mind you, but as an OUTSIDE RUBBISH COLLECTOR, part-time!

Whilst awaiting the interviewer, ( I was well on time for said interview, he made me wait an hour!) a kindly flipper gave me a coffee, and chatted for a while…turns out I didn’t have a cats hope in heck of gaining this revered position as the unwritten remit was to employ a teen straight out of school due to wages costs!

I would gladly have done the job at a lower rate just to have a job, and said so once the interview had gotten underway and it had become obvious that my responses to his questions weren’t even being listened to, turns out it is against the law to pay a lower rate!

How crazy is that?

Mind you, it sure beats the usual excuse I get, bearing in mind that I am probably far too honest for my own good, “ you are overqualified for this position “ Someone please explain to me how you can be too qualified to be broke???????????????????????

I really don’t give a monkeys what I do for a job, so long as they pay me, and preferably remember to say thanks once in a while!

 By Thursday, I figured nothing else could go wrong when I woke up to discover that Chumbles the cat had deigned to throw up..not on the floor nor indeed outside, but in MY KITCHEN all over the toaster of all things!

He then waited for me to clean it all up, and did it again within minutes of my finishing disinfecting the whole area!

You need to know here that I can handle pretty much anything EXCEPT vomit!

And no, don’t worry fellow cat slaves out there, there is absolutely nothing wrong with him except his aversion to my having to buy cheap own-brand cat food these past few weeks, his protests have been quietly but surely building up since Christmas and this was his latest attempt at showing his disgust………at least HE gets to eat everyday!

Any cat owner who has a similar “character” as a companion will definitely know where I am coming from!

 Phew, thought I, surely that’s it, everything comes in threes, nothing else can surely go wrong now!

 Cue, a nice yellow letter from our beloved leadership telling me what I should be eating and how I should be living, hell we would love to guys IF ONLY I COULD AFFORD TO!

 And that little yellow letter has made me red with fury….and given me my next blogpost material!


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