#FishyDishyCookery Fishy Business! (via brinkofbedlam)

The date has been set, so it’s almost Ready Fishy Cooky time guys!
A very worthy cause

#FishyDishyCookery Fishy Business! FishyDishyCookery Fishy Business! Well, I have to say I’ve been overawed with the support I’ve had in regards to my mad cookery plan.  I’ve had lots of comments, funny, kind and helpful.  To be absolutely honest I am now feeling the pressure slightly.  I did wonder if I should cook one of these, as it seems I should cook something dramatic considering all the build up. [caption id=”attachment_589″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ caption=”Very Big … Read More

via brinkofbedlam


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One response to “#FishyDishyCookery Fishy Business! (via brinkofbedlam)

  1. I love the phrase Ready Fishy Cooky time, cracks me up no end! Yep Sunday is the date! Thanks again for the link up, you’re a star :O)

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