#FishyDishyCookery (via brinkofbedlam)

You really have to read this to believe it lol, well worth a looksee, and all in a fantastic cause too!

Help the @RNLI with all these coastguard closures we need their VOLUNTARY services more than ever check out #FishyDishyCookery and have a good laugh too!

#FishyDishyCookery Fishy Dishy Cookery! It is about time I made The Brink of Bedlam useful as well as bizarre – so I have decided to run the Cooking a Salmon in a Dishwasher as a charity event of all things.  Feel free to raise eyebrows now. ;O) If you’re wondering how this all started, just click here. Dishwashered Fishy. It explains everything. :O) I have decided to support the RNLI, and have set up a Just Giving page.  Let’s see how much we can raise in a week a … Read More

via brinkofbedlam



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2 responses to “#FishyDishyCookery (via brinkofbedlam)

  1. Thanks ever so much for linking to my blog. I still think you should get a job in PR, you’d make a fortune :O) x

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