Oh Gawd, even my cat is addicted!

 After tweeting miserably on my birthday re getting no presents except a huge hug from my little man, it was a really nice surprise to receive a little something through the post from busybeecandles.co.uk . Anyone of a similar age to myself will remember that candles and suchlike paraphanalia were hugely popular quite some time ago, so to be honest, although I was extremely pleased someone thought of me, I wasn’t immediately overly enthused and put the package to one side till later.

The day of its’ arrival was a particularly trying one with regards to my son and the family zoo, each had caused at least two points of damage to either home or possessions and BabyMibs had gone over and above the call of duty to the point of exasperation!

This is the very same day that I had decided to do a near complete overhaul houseclean, at the end of which I discovered that I didn’t actually have any air freshener left, not even the ingredients for my own home-made variety. “Aha”, thought my stressed little braincell, at the memory of that little white package, and so I finally got it out.



One natural home fragrance bar, staring right up at me with a promise of “Cinnamon Sticks”in all it’s simple but elegant glory. One slight problem presented itself however, the lack of any oil burners in my household, due to a kindly thief stealing boxes of my few possessions from the removal van on my last move!

Ok, time to improvise,……….and hey presto the braincell excelled itself and remembered the little posh pudding glass dishes I had saved for some good use! They balance perfectly on my radiators and thus proved to be the instigators of one very peculiar evening here.

Starting with the cat, whom after viewing the dish with great interest, began to stalk his way around the radiator, sniffing intensely whilst arching his back and making a very odd meowing’ish noise before settling right beneath the heat still sniffing occassionally and closing his eyes in bliss…I do believe he has become addicted to the stuff!

BabyMibs however, despite the past bedtime hour of 8pm, decided he was VERY VERY hungry although he refused any actual food on the grounds that it “ didn’t taste like the “chocylat in the plates!” He didn’t just sniff around the fragrance bar pieces, he actually tried to lick the air!

For my part, I spent the rest of that evening in a blissful haze of delightful memories redolent of my Grandma’s cooking, Christmas Baking smells, and Log Cabins!

This stuff doesn’t just smell of what it says on the box, it also carries other warm links with it and floats you away on a daydream.

Gone are the outdated images of Hippie style candles and incense burners, busybeecandles.co.uk has brought us bang up to date with a sophisticated new range of goodies that will delight, please amaze and totally spoil you for, to be honest, not a great deal of money, this is truly luxury for all to savour.

It is totally refreshing to see a British company manage to be environmentally concerned whilst producing an affordable luxury set of items for us all to be able to enjoy and relax with in these hard times WE NEED MORE GUYS/GALS LIKE THESE!

In their very own words, the second best bit for me after actually having one of their products wow me in person…

As well as a pleasant environment for you, Busy Bee Candles and home fragrance products are kind to mother earth. We use sustainable soy wax, recyclable glass jars and the very minimum of packaging. Enjoy your Busy Bee Candles and home fragrance products knowing that you are using a quality, handmade, locally produced and environmentally sound form of home fragrancing. busybeecandles.co.uk


Very well done you Busy little UK owned business and thank you so much for my lovely surprise, I am truly converted and will preach your scented wonderland everywhere and will definately be installing your wonderful wares in my glamp camping tents once I get my smallholding up and running.


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