What a boring Saturday!

Am sat here in the wee small hours with a nice hot cuppa very glad that today is pretty much done now!

Had intended to take BabyMibs off to the beach for a bit of fresh air and football kicking about, BUT he decided it was too cold outside, the beach plan was just plain “yucky” and parked himself in front of the telly. I decided to clear up the remaining “snow” particles left splashed around the house instead, and am simply amazed at the places that polystyrene stuff can find it’s way into!

Nothing else of note has actually happened today, I didn’t win the lottery AGAIN so dreams back on hold for now, and thanks to the sheer tenacity of polystyrene balls, I didn’t get half the jobs done today that I had planned to!

Ah well,I have come up with quite a few ideas for interesting future posts, even if some of them may well result in those men in white coats rushing over to get me, so do keep watching this space for future tomes of madness

BabyMibs has just woken up, it’s 1am now, tottered into the living room, given me a big cuddle and sleepily muttered “mummy I do love you” and is now taking himself back to bed awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Think I ought to follow suit as there is plenty to be done tomorrow am!


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