Meet The Family!

Welcome to my mad crazy little family!

How I am going to list several thousand “pet” bees when the smallholding dream begins, remains to be seen!


MibsBlog Scribbler

41 year old, oops sorry, now 42 year old single mom of one very lively ickle loveable terror, potted history pretty much am sick of almost realising dreams, thanks to our wonderful successive governments changing the rules/destroying industry etc at critical points in my life thus far, watch out for my Bio post when I get it done at some point very soon for much more info!


My Beautiful BabyMibs

Ickle lively bundle of absolute love and happiness, 4 yr old Connor is my totally unplanned, unexpected yet would never wish to be without surprise of the century!

He loves Thomas The Tank Engine, in fact all things trains, his personal petting zoo of various refugees, and anything yeyyoo ( his fav colour is yellow!)

Oh, and his name isn’t Connor it’s Baba ( prob my fault lol!)


My beautiful little angel who was sadly taken away from me two years ago just a day before his due date, Connor and I never got to meet him properly, but he will always be in our hearts and minds, and we feel his presence around us all the time, always a part of my family



The maddest craziest cat on this planet, my mistake being I saw an ad on Freecycle, new home required for cat, for some odd reason I replied and got stuck with this bundle of teenage-minded rebellious fury!

When I first met him, he was soooo shy, I actually arranged with his previous “keeper” to take him back if he hadn’t settled after a week, he spent his first two days with us in perpetual hiding in my bedsit under my sofa bed, which kind of made putting the bed up in the daytime for space a tad awkward.

That was five years ago, trust me now you would not believe it was the same animal!

BabyMibs can and does do all sorts of the usual toddler things such as pull tail, bite ears and generally chase the cat around the house causing total mayhem,yet the cat, depsite having a tendency to sit ON TOP OF DOORS waiting to jump, claws outstretched, onto my unsuspecting shoulders, NEVER bites or scratches my son, the two are like siamese twins and hate being apart!

They even play with the train set together, and once BabyMibs has gone to bed, (all parents will know that blissful PHEW feeling once that has occurred,) THE BLIDDY CAT STARTS ACTING UP to make up for the lack of toddler tantrums/general messiness/noise!

Pinky & Perky

Pinky & Perky

Two more refugees that I felt sorry for from Freecycle, one blue and one almost lilac, budgies that needed a new home!

Not much to say except they appear to have inherited the urge to be as noisy and as messy as possible from BabyMibs!

I am not really much of a bird person, and given the attacks from them I have to endure during cage cleaning time and especially when they have had their weekly freedom time and need to be caught, it is truly amazing that they also tolerate my over enthusiastic toddler whatever he does!

If BabyMibs wasn’t quite so fond of them, I DO have a casserole dish that would suit them perfectly!



Our first actual planned pets, Bits & Pieces, two gorgeous beige rabbits, brother and sister, that arrived in our lives when BabyMibs was about 6 mths old. Sadly Pieces died mysteriously overnight one day ( I found her literally four feet in the air one morning in the hutch) and Bits has become our atypical teenage pest of a pet ever since!

Ever the character, his main claim to fame so far has been to completely decimate all cables on our first day in our new home, I took pity on him re our move and the fact is was bliddy cold outside, he repaid the favour by taste testing any wire he could find!

Typically it was the one time that BT had actually managed to install the Telephone and the Broadband service on the day we moved in! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Another casserole dish lined up and waiting!


R.I.P. Piglet 24/03/10 you will be sadly missed


Bliddy Freecycle, three years ago I saw a post saying that a family had lost one of their two guinea pigs, and due to their children being teens and having lost interest some time ago, Piglet needed a loving family home………am I soft or what!

Ergo Piglet joined our burgeoning family and promptly, after a few days of hiding, took over leadership from Bits, who to be fair did miss his sister!

The two are totally inseparable now, despite what the experts will tell you!



I had a job part-time in a pub, long story, related in the Bio, upshot is the staff found “Butch” running loose in the pub’s car park, caught him and put him in the back yard, loose for all the foxes to have a go at, and I took pity on him for purely temporary reasons!

He came home with me, and I have been stuck with this overgrown horrible ball of fur since!

Definately have a stewpot lined up for this beast, if I could ever hold on to it just long enough to dress him for dinner!

Turns out that he actually belonged to the pub owners daughter, and her mom kindly decided she didnt want animals in her new married life, and literally just “set him free” in the hope that her problem ( new hubby-to-be hated animals) would just disappear!

I daresay more creatures will be aded to this list as and when we acquire them!

Some people just never cease to amaze me!



My landlord did some groundwork last year, and disturbed rather a lot of slowworms! I was truly amazed to see so many of these rarities, and BabyMibs decided to befriend one for a couple of hours!

Snakey got released perfectly unharmed, and now has little plates of food left out for him occasionally!





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  2. Tracy Newton

    Can’t believe that “baby mibs” is now soo big. Where does all the time go?

  3. You definately need that smallholding soon! Wow! :)xx

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