First day of the older not-so wiser me!

Ok, I think I have finally decided how to go about doing this “Blogging ” thingymalarky!

I shall endeavor to write a new post every day, just bits & bobs from my daily life, funny happenings, stresses etc, ( trust me most days will prob be one liners!) and start new posts for anything specific that I feel the need to blurb about!

Today, well, woke up feeling just the same as yesterday, albeit a bit older, to find the ickle terror BabyMibs had decided to create his very own indoor snowstorm vis a vis a large beanbag cushion!

Even the bliddy cat had joined in the fun, polystyrene balls everywhere!

Feels like we are living in a snowglobe at present!

Internet keeps playing up today, and have extremely tired eyeballs from all this staring at the PC screen, so am  going to take the evening off and retire in front of the other screen with a cheap bottle of vino in the vague hope that there will actually be something worth watching  on later , failing that, shall re-attempt vacuuming up the “snow” IF the vacuum cleaner decides to come off it’s current overheating shutdown mode!


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