Birthday Blues

Well now, another birthday come and almost gone, one card, and the only pressie I got was the best one I could have had, a huge cuddle from my darling little man!

Spent the best part of the afternoon trying ( and probably failing) to get my head around starting this blog, something I have kept meaning to do for ages but always chickened out of starting!

Finally, the blog seems to be taking shape, AND I checked my emails earlier to discover I had won a lovely wish-list prize, a Kodak Playsport Camcorder from the wonderful Steve at  (find them on ) AND a free Dominoes Pizza voucher from

Now I can take videos of my darling little man before he gets too big to be so cute as he currently is, and also, will have the ability to photoblog the smallholding WHEN I finally get that going later in the year!

Do pop over to Steve’s Blog, listed on my blogroll, some great tips and advice there over a huge range of products!

Am off to sleep now, a happy birthday bunny at last nite all xx


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