MibsBlog Thrifty Tips – April 2011

Here I will try to share any money/time saving tips that I have found to be useful each month.

Do feel free to share yours also if you don’t mind me keeping the list updated!

( I will of course name you as the author of your tip!)


Pet Bedding

Shred up all your paper documents/junk mail etc that you definately wont need anymore, and use it for a base for pet bedding, keeps your info safe, your pets snuggly warm in this awful cold weather and saves a LOT of money on sawdust!  MibsXX

Pet Enclosure Cleaning

Save a spray bottle from the bin by washing it out thoroughly, and making up a small amount of Milton Sterilising Fluid in it, use to spray down the inside of any pet enclosures such as rabbit/small animal hutches, cages etc, after cleaning them out, I even do this on the birdcage. Obviously make sure the beloved fur/featherballs are out first!

This, as it is foodsafe and doesn’t require a rinse, ( I reasoned that if safe for babies, then must be so for furballs) makes for ensuring that all bugs/germs/nasty niffs etc are dealt with before redressing the above-mentioned animal home once it has dried out!

Have done this for a couple of years with my ever growing zoo, with no ill effects to them, and kept smells, bugs and foot-rot completely away from them all   MibsXX

Clothes Conditioner

 If like me, you are on a tight budget, save a few pennies by buying “pure” own brand clothes conditioner, and adding a couple of drops of your favourite smell, much cheaper and does the job perfectly! I alternate between Lavender Oil for bedding/nightwear washes, Eucalyptus or Lemon Oils for everyday clothes and if a special occasion and a delicate wash, a tiny bit of Rose Oil if you have any!  MibsXX

 Pesky Conditioner Tray

 A handy little tip for that horrible powder tray in the washing machine, you know, the one designed by some geezer who NEVER actually has to clean one, soak it in a solution of Milton for a while, I do this once a month or so and keeps it nice and clean without having to actually touch that horrendous slimey stuff they collect inside!  MibsXX

Save On Buying Baby Wipes

Cut up a couple of old towels into squares, and use one damp one dry square per nappy change, pop them straight in the wash after each change, and hey presto, no more costly wipes to buy!

You can even do this out and about using a carrier bag for the spare damp ones, bring them back home for washing in same bag also, and I can report that my son never once suffered nappy rash after I started doing this, whereas with some of the so-called “value” wipes, his bum erupted within minutes ( god only knows what they put in those ones!)

Cloth pieces are also great as dusters, car cleaning cloths basically, anything you’d use a cloth for, I never ever throw one away as they can easily go in the normal wash, if they get really stained looking I do a white hot wash with a little bleach for the cloths and whatever white cottons I have ( about once every three months!) MibsXX


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  1. We love thrifty tips for the garden if you have any!! I could give you mine, but you would just say I was advertising 😉 Good idea for the pet bedding…
    thanks for following me on twitter @gardeningexpres
    you’ve got the makings of a find blog here Chris – Gardening Express

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