Hello world!

hey there folks, as its my birthday I thought I’d treat/totally bamboozle myself by starting my very own blog!

Haven’t got a clue what I am doing, so do please bear with me!

Update: well, I got clothes on now, some snazzy make-up, a couple of random pages of words, so blog well and truly under way! FINALLY, I hear the empty audience sigh!

Everyday life on the path to my dream goal of a smallholding, tidbits of things that please, annoy, amaze or simply catch my attention and imagination, I am NOT just a Mommy I have varied interests, thoughts and ideas also, so this blog will maybe appear busy, but thats ME 🙂



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2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Gawd this is getting mighty complicated, does anyone else ever have one of those days where you start out trying to do something simple and end up almost tearing your hair out?

  2. Adam

    Happy Birthday

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